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1. Do you bake from scratch or do you use packaged mixes? 
All of our cakes and cupcakes are made fresh from scratch using natural, local and organic ingredients as available. From farm fresh eggs to creamery butter, local fruit and the finest chocolate; all of our cakes are made with ingredients your grandma would recognize.

2. Should I refrigerate your cakes and cupcakes? 
We recommend that all of our products be served at room temperature. While you may chose to refrigerate, it is important to allow adequate time for the product to come to room temperature before serving. 

3.It's a little hot in the car when I turn it off, can I leave cupcakes in the car while I go and do other errands? 
We recommend making Patticakes your last stop on the way home. We advise thinking of your cupcakes like a pet - if it is too hot to leave your dog in the car, it's probably too hot for our cupcakes too.

4. Can I bring pictures in of cakes I like from other websites? 
We love it when our clients bring "inspiration" items to their consultation! Pictures of cakes, color swatches, invitations or even a decorative paper napkin can serve a useful purpose when designing your cake. While we do not reproduce the work of another artist exactly, it is very useful for us to have a visual frame of reference. We reserve the right of artistic freedom when creating a cake and will do our very best to exceed your expectations. 

5. I'd love to bring some cupcakes/cake home with me, will they be ok on the road? 
Our cakes and cupcakes are pretty well traveled and have made it to all sorts of places like New York City and even to Ohio without incident. One customer even froze the cupcakes and shipped them overnight to Alaska with success! If we know your plans in advance, we will chill the product thoroughly for you. Our boxes come standard with individual compartments for each cupcake. It is necessary to store all boxes in a flat location away from the heating vent and preferably far from hungry or bored travelers. We advise securing the box against sliding in the event of a sudden stop. 

6. How much do your cakes cost? 
The short answer is "It depends". The final price of a cake is based upon a variety of factors including size, flavor, materials and labor necessary to create the design. We will do our best to work within your budget to create a cake or cupcakes that capture the feel of the event. More information can be found on our menu/pricing web page 

7. Is there a charge for a tasting? 
If you book your event with a deposit at the conclusion of the tasting, there is no charge. If you are not ready to book at that time, a $25 fee is due at the conclusion of your tasting appointment.

8. How do I book a cake with you? 
A 50% non-refundable deposit of the working proposal is due to confirm a date with us. Deposits may be made by check, cash or credit card. The final guest count, design and details of the event are due 30 days prior to the event. 

9. How far in advance should I book my order? 
For a simple cake during a non-peak period, generally 48 hours in advance is enough time. If you need your cake on a weekend during peak season (April- October) or close to the holidays; as much time as possible is recommended. While you do not need to finalize the details of your order, a deposit should be placed as soon as possible to reserve the time in our schedule. Popular wedding dates can become booked six months or more, in advance and certain dates do sell out. It never hurts to ask about availability though; even at the last minute, because sometimes the best things just magically fall into place! :-) 

10. Everything is so good; it's so hard to decide on what​ to serve on my dessert table. How many different varieties should I select? 
Three to five varieties is a good general range for most dessert tables. The ideal number of pieces per guest can vary somewhat based upon different factors, but, in general 2-4 pieces per person is ideal. Minimum quantities do apply for dessert tables - generally 60 pieces of each variety. Please schedule a consultation to discuss the specifics of your event for a customized recommendation which takes into account the specifics of your event. 

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